Multi award winning Master Distiller, John Walters has worked his alchemy to create a 1930s retro gin of exceptional quality. The result is truly extraordinary. The 1930s were the triumphant heyday for gin, and the decade that saw the birth of a great British and Commonwealth icon: The Spitfire. The defender of our freedom to live and love and drink GIN with whomsoever we choose.


Enjoy Juniper, Two types of Orange, Almonds and Borage (for courage) alongside Coriander, Rosemary (for remembrance), Star Anise and Rose Petals which present a wonderfully aromatic gin.

To best appreciate, serve over crushed ice or, one to one with a simple tonic.

Is truly extraordinary, a triumph of the art of alchemy.

Enjoy a creamy smooth pallet with hints of vanilla, and a clean icewine finish.

To best appreciate sip slowly from a frozen glass.

SUPERMARINE designed and built the Spitfire.

Not ones to create a thing of mere purpose, the chaps at SUPERMARINE created an aircraft of absolute beauty, built to be the best.

The Spitfire. The defender of our freedom to live and love and drink Vodka with whomsoever we choose.

SUPERMARINE a 54% VODKA of exceptional quality.

Absolute beauty, created to be the best.

Individually numbered RAFA liveried bottles.
The first batch scramble on
March 26th 2018

We are proud to have created specially liveried bottles for the RAFA to help celebrate the RAF’s centenary.

For every bottle sold, we’re gifting £3.50 of our profits to the Charity.