Done with dry January? Time to fabulous your February!

February 6, 2019 | root

Dry January is so yesterday. Here, at Spitfire Heritage Towers it was, of course, Ginuary and drought-free. Now it’s Fabruary, which is the same as Ginuary, only Fab-er.

Our top tips for this month are all about kissing, cuddling and quaffing something quintessentially English.

Yes, you are quite right Sherlock, thank you, Valentine’s Day does feature, however so does national (and international) kissing day. They don’t occur in February as such, (they’re July 6th), but you really need to be thinking about getting into training now. And it won’t hurt to pull out all the stops on a February 14th date night.

Incidentally the Spitfire Heritage Gin alternative kissing day has been officially declared. It’s the whole of June. Why? Because just saying the word ‘June’ puts your lips on the starting blocks and ready to go for multi tasking: 1. Sipping G&T and 2. Kissing your Honey.

Here we go then. Five things you shouldn’t be without this February as you prepare to pucker up:

Happy kissing and enjoy Fabruary!