What is a Single Estate Gin?

January 6, 2019 | Ian Hewitt

Why is Single estate important?

Spitfire Heritage Distillers are one of a handful of Single Estate Distilleries in England

Here’s why this is important…..

GIN is made from Vodka!

As a single estate distiller we sow, grow and harvest our own crop of sugar beet. Take it into the barn and distil it into our creamy smooth SUPERMAIRINE VODKA.

Most other small batch producers have to buy in their vodka from larger suppliers who distil on an industrial scale.

You can’t make perfect vodka on an industrial scale…

It’s all about the heads and tails.

The first fraction of product off the still is called the HEADS, the last fraction is called the TAILS.

The flavour of the vodka from the heads and tails is quite frankly horrid!

The bit in the middle is the HEART of the spirit.

The aim is to isolate the heart with no contamination either side from heads or tails

The larger the still, the larger the percentage of heads and tails.

We only distil in small batches, this allows us to rigorously remove the heads and tails. Leaving only the creamy delicious heart which we call Supermarine.

Our Gin starts with a perfect vodka…Not many can say that…

Spitfire Heritage Gin and Supermarine Vodka are distilled in the heart of Cambridgeshire in hand beaten copper stills, housed in a stunning 300 year old barn beside a duck pond.

How British is that?