Glassware (UK only)

What better manner in which to enjoy the finest spirits in Blighty. Choose between the Tumbler or High Ball crystal glasses sets to complete your perfect serve. Be proud of your Spitfire Heritage. Chin chin Darlings!

Glassware (UK only)

The Spitfire Heritage Crystal Glass set is hand made using traditional techniques, each is the unique creation of a skilled glass maker.

Dartington Crystal have nurtured a passion for simple, well made crystal since 1967.

Glassware cannot be shipped internationally.

Distilling Our Gin
Proud of our Spitfire Heritage

We hover between Alchemy and Artisan preferring the traditional methods, like sealing our stills with

flour and water paste.....
Dartington Crystal
Dartington Glass, as it was known until the 1980s, was born in 1967 as one of the Dartington Hall Trust’s social enterprises in North Devon. It quickly became the most recognised manufacturer of simple yet functional glassware in the UK.

Dartington's vision was built on a clean and simple design style, handmade using age-old techniques of Scandinavian roots. For over 50 years, many notable design figures have come together to use their passion and skill to grow the brand into what is now the only remaining factory scale producer in the country.