Nottinghamshire Law Society . 100 Years of Women in Law . GIN

We created our brand to pay tribute to the brave strong women of the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA). Therefore we  just had to celebrate 100 years of women in law, as it is such an important mile stone for strong brave women everywhere. Here's to the next 100 years of women in law.

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Nottinghamshire Law Society . 100 Years of Women in Law . GIN

November 1st 2019 marked the centenary of the Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act 1919 which paved the way for women to become lawyers – and, 100 years on, Nottinghamshire Law Society has decided that a very special toast is in order.

Raise a glass to all those early pioneering women whose determination, intelligence and indomitable spirit paved the way for today’s women in law with a very particular drink.

The choice of tipple was a simple one. It was to be a gin and tonic.

The Society wanted a drinks partner that was equal to the moment, one that sat well with those early female legal pioneers. It wanted a spirit that had been created to pay tribute to strong, motivated, brave women who have always pushed the boundaries.

It found it in the Officers Messes of the RAF the home of Spitfire Heritage Gin, a gin that pays tribute to the women of the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA). Brave, pioneering and taking it to the limit every working day of their lives.

The women of the ATA pushed the boundaries of what was expected of them by their male counterparts. They demanded equal pay, they flew everything, anywhere and met head on with anything that flew against them.

These women had the right stuff. The same kind of grit it took to become a woman in law.

If ever a drink matched the peerless women of the law 100 years ago, then this is it.
The Nottinghamshire Law Society specially liveried bottles are available to pre order now.

Law Society members are invited to join us for the launch party at The ALCHEMIST in Nottingham on Monday 9th March at 5:30pm – Here’s to the women in Law and here’s to the next 100 years.

Be proud of your Spitfire Heritage, be proud to be a woman in law. Chin Chin Darlings!
It’s six o’clock somewhere in the world.

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Our Distillery
Gin is made from Vodka!
Single Estate means that we sow our own crop (sugar beet) harvest it and distill into our own Vodka.

Most other small batch producers have to buy in vodka from larger suppliers who produce on an industrial scale. You can’t make perfect vodka on an industrial scale.