We are proud to have created specially liveried bottles for the RAFA to help celebrate the RAF's centenary. ​ For every bottle sold, we're gifting £3.50 of our profits to the Charity.

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Individually numbered RAFA liveried bottles.
The first batch scramble on
March 26th 2018

Distilling Our Vodka
It's all about the heads and tails. The first fraction of product off the still is called the HEADS, the last fraction is called the TAILS. The flavour of the vodka from the heads and tails is quite frankly horrid!

The bit in the middle is the HEART of the spirit. The aim is to isolate the heart with no contamination either side from heads or tails]

The larger the still, the larger the percentage of heads and tails.

Our gin starts with a perfect vodka...Not many can say that...
Squadron Numbers
When a bottle number matches a SQUADRON NUMBER 100 bottles will be assigned to that Squadron.
You can request a specific SQUADRON NUMBER while purchasing.